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A Strong Finish

As we are about to enter the final quarter of the Lion's year, now is the time to strive for a strong finish, and to lay the groundwork for a successful spring and new Lion's year. This means completing projects that can be done yet this year, making adjustments for items that have changed, and laying the groundwork for tomorrow. From a District perspective, this includes several initiatives. First up is our District Convention on March 19 at Krupp Farms in Rockford. This will be a one-day action packed event, and there are aspects of the Convention which can both help our District, and your Club, finish strong and plan for tomorrow. For example, we will be electing District officers for next year. This is an important event because the key to success is having talented, dedicated people willing to lead our District in the future, and to create our plan for success. Please consider stepping forward to support our District by filling a District position. Any lion, who has not yet experienced a leadership position can try on District Leadership by volunteering as a Committee Chair. Contact District Secretary, Diane Wehby if you are at all interested. The District Convention is also a great opportunity for helpful training, and inspirational ideas. Our one-day event will be action packed, including morning training sessions, which can help you and your Club. Attending these sessions is a splendid opportunity to finish the year strong and lay the foundation for tomorrow's success. Encourage your Club members and officers to attend. On top of that, the Convention is a time to see old friends, make new ones, and see some very worthy Lions be recognized for their outstanding service. Our District Cabinet is also meeting this Saturday, March 12, at Sightseer Radio, and you are welcome to attend. We are planning a strong finish to this year, and laying the cornerstones upon which tomorrow's success will be built. Among the issues on the agenda are changes regarding our District vision and hearing trailer, rebuilding our District website to better assist in getting our message out, planning for a possible Spring social event, and addressing the latest developments in our State Centennial year project in Mexico, which has hit a snag unfortunately, but that is part of adjusting to our ever-changing world. On a Club level, you should also be planning to finish strong, and plant the seeds for tomorrow's success. I hope to see you at the upcoming Convention, which I am confident will be a wonderful success due to an awesome Convention Committee.